About us

iGolfinstructor was born in February 2006 and originally offered online booking systems for golf professionals. As in any classic entrepreneurs story, it all started with the desire to make a difference and create a modern solution to an existing problem. Tom Mulder, founder of iGolfinstructor, identified this problem when he simply wanted to be able to book his golf lessons online. It didn’t take him long to deliver his game changing solution.

Since our launch we experienced rapid growth and very proud to now be the global market leader. Currently we are active in 6 countries and in some countries we are proud to say that over 70% of the golf professional are working with iGolfinstructor. We feel very privileged to support so many golf professionals and golf academies around the world.

iGolfinstructor focuses 100% on the instructor, the academy and their students. Thanks to continuous input and feedback from instructors and academies around the world, iGolfinstructor continues to innovate, delivering the most extensive and advanced academy management solution available today.

Our mission is to provide reliable, innovative, user-friendly solutions for golf instructors and academies.